The campaign

On February 22nd 2013, Henry Maybury lost his 29 year-old brother Tom to alcohol addiction after a battle lasting several years.

Recognising that multiple charities and support groups had helped Tom, Henry wanted to give something back by giving 100% of the proceeds from the sale of “Lost Days” to charity.

 But rather than give the money to a single charity, the Lost Days Charitable Trust was set up and is governed by a special committee, elected to allocate the funds to multiple Addiction and Recovery charities globally. ​

The Committee 

Sally Maybury - Chairwoman for the Lost Days Charitable Aid Trust and mother to Tom and Henry Maybury

John F Kelly Ph.D. Harvard University’s first Professor of addiction medicine and founder of the Recovery Research Institute.

Deirdre BoydEditor for the DB Recovery Resources daily newsletter, and cofounder of the European Symposia on Addictive Disorders

Canon Mark Oakley - Chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral and a Visiting Lecturer of King’s College London

Barnaby Lenon- the former Head Master of Harrow School and Chairman of the Independent Schools Council (ISC)

Thomas H Greena working journalist for twenty years writing regularly for the Daily Telegraph, Mixmag and