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After seeing a loved one suffering so much Henry wrote the song Lost Days. He released it on 18th  November 2013, in memory of his older brother Tom Maybury who died on 22nd February 2013 after losing his battle with alcohol addiction at the very young age of 29 years old.

The loss of Tom has driven Henry and his mother Sally to get their personal story out to as many people as possible and thanks to their dedication and passion and the amazing support from the public, they set up The Lost Days Charitable Trust and this has now grown massively, raising thousands of pounds. They decided to donate 100% of the proceeds from the Lost Days song to addiction charities to help others battling with addictions. 

When Tom was struggling with his demons Henry and Sally found that the subject of alcoholism was very much misunderstood. However, it has now subsequently been linked with mental health and is now being talked about more openly but it is still very much underfunded and that is why Henry and Sally are wanting to support the addiction field as much as possible.

The music video has over One million hits on YouTube and continues to send a message to those who are fighting Alcoholism that “You’re Not Alone.” 

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Rather than give the money to a single charity, the Lost Days Charitable Trust was set up and is governed by a committee, elected to allocate the funds to multiple Addiction and Recovery charities globally and is managed by the Community Foundation For Staffordshire. Henry and Sally have made many donations, for example Chandos House Rehab, Blackburn Young Carers (for those who are caring for addicts) and more recently Christmas crackers for the Ploughboy Café in Shrewsbury who provide free lunches for the homeless on Christmas Day.

Committee Members consists of Chairwoman Sally Maybury,  John F Kelly Ph.D. a Harvard University’s first Professor in addiction medicine and founder of the Recovery Research Institute and Deirdre Boyd who Operates the DB Recovery Resources daily newsletter for the addiction-recovery field and for over two decades has been a leader in the field of recovery from addiction with an international reputation.

Since Tom’s tragic death Henry and Sally have campaigned continuously to raise awareness of the impact of addiction on families and to educate on the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption by travelling across the UK and Europe visiting schools, prisons and rehabs.  

Their work has been recognised by many including Community Alcohol Partnership (CAP) whose aim is to reduce alcohol harm in local communities from drinking by children and young adults. CAP also introduced them to hundreds of schools around the UK and even invited them to The House of Commons where Henry was awarded the Youth Community Champion Award by Caroline Flint MP for Doncaster. For further details visit Community Alcohol Partnership.

Henry Maybury & Caroline Flint MP | Lost Days Charitable Trust

The loss of Tom took Henry and Sally on a completely different path to the one that they had been on and wanting to make something good out of something so bad they have decided to raise as much money as possible to help those who really need it and to keep Tom’s memory alive.


So please donate by clicking below.

The Community Foundation For Staffordshire Charitable Number: 1091628

The Community Foundation Charitable Trust Name: Lost Days

Trust Number: F048471

“It's truly inspiring to see young artists like Henry Maybury using his music to educate and influence people on the dangers of addiction. Lost Days is a moving, poignant and emotional track that deserves international recognition both as a great song but equally as an educational tool.”

John Challis - (Photo Liz Hyder)

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