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After 8 years of delivering a successful live presentation to schools, prisons and rehabs, Henry and Sally decided to extend their audiences to raise more awareness by transforming their story into a documentary style educational video. This Video tells the story of Henry’s older brother and Sally’s son ‘Tom Maybury’ who was a young, sporty, talented man who simply stumbled in life, falling into a depression which led to his mental health suffering and using alcohol as a coping mechanism.  

Henry and Sally take the audience step by step through Tom’s life from a child to their last moments beside him in hospital before he died at the young age of 29 years old after losing his battle with alcohol addiction. They share how Tom was a happy young man who set up his own business, worked abroad in France, was in a loving relationship and had so much potential in life. This story reminds the viewer of the triggers and peaks of an addiction and living in the environment of addiction. It encourages individuals to open up and talk about the struggles they may be facing and to be mindful of their mental health.


The video includes the music videos, Lost Days and Every Night and Day, which tell the story of an alcoholic struggling with their demons and how they slowly start to change and deteriorate in front of their family.  




All we ask is you hold a charity event e.g. non-uniform day, cake sale, concert with all proceeds going to the

Lost Days Charitable Trust.

The money you raise will go towards the work of the 'Lost Days Charitable Trust' helping us to help those who are struggling with addictions and their mental health.

The video has a very diverse age range appealing to schools (10-18), colleges and universities but can also be used in the workplace to encourage working professionals to seek help if they are also struggling.  


To gain access to the video please fill in the form below. Let’s start talking!

If you want to watch the video in the comfort of your own home please also fill in the form. 


We are available for live presentations and for more information please complete the form below.

Listen to Sally & Henry Maybury being interviewed by
Adam Green - BBC Radio Shropshire

"Wish you could have Stayed" Video 

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Video Feedback

‘I thought the Alcohol Awareness film was interesting and was important.  Everyone should be educated on the horrific affects Alcohol addiction can have on someone and their family or friends.’
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